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Household Notebook/binder/manager


borrowed from the site http://libby.withnall.com/

Organizing a home can be a daunting task, but with right system it can be easy or easier to handle. Nothing is ever set in stone since we are all different and so are our styles of accomplishing things. I had big binders that I have since shrunk down to a mini binder, but I like a bigger binders to better see everything. There are tons of printables on pinterest and google is the best search engine that I use to find all the printables for what I need to create said binders.
I had a dry erase board that is our calendar. I need to get different colored markers for this one…to help keep track of who is who and when they have appointment. I still have the paper version which is great, because I carry that to Dr. appointments and can glance right there and see who has what, when and where.
Everyone has their own lovely Household “notebook, binder, manager, control journal…what have you. I have 3 binders and with good reason. The big binder is the household binder…this is for the family to use, ok more me than anyone else.
 Binder 1 is the Household Binder. I have been tweaking it and making it work for my family. You need to do the same.
 1) Time Management: weekly schedule at a glance, birthday & anniversaries, year at a glance, Christmas card keeper
2) Cleaning: Breakdown of each room weekly & monthly, detailed cleaning list
3) Homemade cleaning recipes:
4) Important contact information: In case of a medical emergency who to call and so forth.
5) DS section: his schedule, his house rules, updated medical information and detailed medical information.
6) My section: Has almost the same info as my son but pertains to me.
7) DS section: Same above but all information dealing with him and all things needed.
8) Household inventory: This is a list of all the books, DVDs, TVs appliances and more.
9) Finance: This is a list of all the bills, the account numbers and addresses that apply to them.
10) Vehicle maintenance: This section holds information pertaining to oil changes and maintenance done to the car.
Binder 3 is all about the kitchen…this is still a work in progress! So far my sections are as follows:
 1) Tips I find helpful
2) Menus….I keep all my old menus here. I write on the menu what my family liked and didn’t like.
3) Cookbooks: A list of all my cookbooks…and I do have a lot of them
4) Favorite Recipes….I need to work on this section a bit more
5) Pantry inventory: good way to know what you have how much and when you will need more
6) Freezer: See above for pantry
7) Canning and Preserving information: This is where all the information for what is ripe in each season.
You can use these sections to help give you ideas of what you like to have in your household management binder or get a glimpse of what you would like in creating your own Household Management Binder.