Going Back…back into my religion of sorts

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I have left and come, left and come back and this time I plan to stay! Having lost myself in this adventure called life (yeah I want refund on some years…thanks!) I am slowly re-finding myself.

I have given up alot of who I am and what I wanted in my 39 years on this planet. Something about being an eclectic witch is home for me. A comfort knowing that I am becoming with the universe and really seeing myself for the first time in a positive light and being loved by someone that wants whats best for me and lets me practice what I want.

As for what is an eclectic witch? Here let me give you a broad definition of the that.

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The best thing about the definition of an eclectic witch is there is no wrong or right way to practice but one must always remember what you put out into the universe you will get back. I kind think of it as the Grey Jedi from star wars. The code that Grey Jedi has fits nicely with being an eclectic witch.

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Honestly you can’t practice without knowing both sides (left hand…dark and right hand…light). It’s what makes up the universe, balance and etc. I will be hoping to post more about about this. Might even look at herbal remedies and etc.


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