Homemade Coffee Creamer


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In the realm of me being frugal, I figured why not try the ever so loved pinned recipe of homemade flavored coffee creamer. I do love and mean do LOVE international delights coffee creamer. The flavors, the creamy yummy goodness in my coffee…but I don’t like all the ingredients that I can’t pronounce or heck even spell.
So far every mix I have made from my pinterest account on the make your own board I have loved or usually tweaked to make it suit my family. Mixes are usually good like that. I have to say this recipe can use a little tweaking to make the flavor you want pop or stand out in your coffee.
You will see many recipes but they all have the same combo. What…what’s the combo? 1 14oz. can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 3/4 C. of milk and flavor syrups.

So I did end up making this and here’s what I will say. First I hate opening small cans of uber sweet condensed milk. My  Padawan on the other hand yeah he loves the sweet sticky stuff. SMH if he only knew you use that stuff to make fudge but that’s another post.

Here’s the recipe I did:

1 14oz. can sweet condensed milk
1 3/4 cup milk
2-3 Tbsp Torani syrup (and again no I am not sponsored by them but I soooo wish I was)
you want a good and I mean good reusable container. I got mine from walmart it’s a rubbermade and I paid 1.28$ for it.

Ok here we go directions!

1. Open and empty condensed milk into your reusable container. This step takes a minute or a long minute a very long minute.
2. Once your condensed milk can is empty add the milk. If you want a creamier or richer base use half and half or go wild and crazy and use heavy cream.
3. Add 2-3 tbsp. of your favorite coffee house syrup. You might have to add more give or take how it tastes.
4. Shake that baby (after you know the cap or what have you is secure) shake to make sure that everything mixes well.
5. Make that nice cup of coffee and try your creamer out.
6. Store in the fridge up to 3 weeks if it even lasts 3 weeks…well I know in this house it don’t but meh.

Now for the links to many different flavors. I will suggest that if you want a nice vanilla flavor that isn’t very heavy with alcohol or to try vanilla bean paste. A little bit of the stuff goes a LOOOONG way.


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