Finishing Salts, what it is, what it does and recipes


Picture from Paleoista

You’ve seen them, I’ve seen them…heck they even been on TV finishing salts. We wonder how to make them, what are they good for and where are the dang on recipes so I can make them myself.
Good questions, and here it is. “The concept of finishing salt is straightforward: fling a carefully chosen, artisan made salt across the surface of your food, and bite. As you eat, food and salt combine—first a flash of salt… then the food… a flicker of salt and now fuller food flavors, and then a faint spark of salt catches at the richest and most complex flavors of the food. With finishing salt, the relationship of salt and food evolves with every bite. The rewards are increased intensity of flavor, greater flavor complexity, exciting new textures and even aromas, and a heightened awareness of the very process of tasting food. Finishing salts promise the opportunity for a new, more intimate relationship with food.”The Meadow
I think the Meadow summed it up nicely the perfect paring of food with a little bit of flavored salt to enhance the food. There are some finishing salts that are used in baking. And yes there is the super smokey salty meaty combination of bacon salt. You heard me right BACON Salt!
I can’t take credit for any of these recipes but what I can say is for the bacon salt recipe listen to the lady a little goes a long wayyyyy. I am providing links to these lovely artisans of culinary magic. Thank them, thank them alot, because now you too can make finishing salts for over half the cost of buying them.
Flavor Salts 
Gourmet Salts

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