This image belongs to Iheart Organizing. I can’t claim anything but the fact I love it!

I’m having to redo EVERYTHING for my household binder.  Yeah, I moved from the standard binder to a 5.5 X 8.5 binder. I can take this baby with me everywhere. I can track everything from appointments, to work & school schedules and more.
I had to create new sections to suite my son and I. I am still working on building it. I know like everything else it takes time. Some of the sections got left out and most stayed.
I am loading up the links to the pages that I have visited the most. There are tutorials that show you how to print double sided for half page planners. Target also has some awesome mini binder planner sets for cheap that are nice. Check out pinterest as well for free printables and more!
So let the links begin!
Tutorials on Youtube for printing A5/ half page planner.
Let me know if there is something more you would like to read or need to help create these wonderful planners.

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